Before Rocking the Red: Read the City Year 15

The City Year 15                                                                             

  1. Students are amazing human beings — how can we help them develop autonomy and the confidence to persevere in a system that is working against us?

  2. Be flexible — your interventions may not happen as scheduled — due to changes in teacher schedules, absences, school events, etc.

  3. Recognize, appreciate, and reflect on the small, but important, impacts of  service.

  4. Actively use your team and the people around you to share resources and troubleshoot solutions.

  5. Find time to check in with your teacher even if it’s only for 30 seconds.

  6. Time management is essential to making it through the school year.

  7. Worry less about students’ perceptions of you.

  8. Find a behavior management style that best fits you, be consistent.

  9. Always be prepared, have a backup plan.

  10. Check in with yourself before you check in with your students.

  11. Share your ideas with your team and admin even if some of your ideas get shut down.

  12. You will probably be asked to carry out tasks outside of your role. You will probably end up saying yes, but remember it’s okay to say no.

  13. BYE (Bring Your Energy) because you need to “bring it” for the students, teachers, admin, and yourself too!

  14. A note of thanks or a drawing from a student will mean more than any store-bought gift.

  15. OYW (Own Your Weirdness) — most students will appreciate your goofy side.